Are you looking for a hotel with a gluten-free menu?
Would you like to treat yourself to a holiday without giving up the pleasures of good food and culinary specialities in respect of your gluten allergy?

The Tyrol with Italian Association Gluten-free Standards restaurant, a guarantee for our guests with special needs. We pay particular attention to the quality of the ingredients, also with respect to those who have to follow a special diet. That's why we also guarantee the utmost care in the production, facilities and processing of ingredients.

We assure you that

  • Gluten-free dishes are prepared in a separate kitchen
  • Equipment and utensils are used exclusively for the preparation of gluten-free dishes
  • There is no risk of contamination with ingredients, equipment and utensils used for the preparation of gluten-free dishes
  • Staff are trained in the procedures to be followed in the kitchen and in service

Please let us know when you book your holiday at our hotel with gluten-free cuisine if you have any special dietary requirements, so that we can be ready to welcome you in the best possible way and offer you exquisite gastronomic moments!