In addition to inviting you to travel by public transport to get to us, but also during your stay in the Il Tyrol, we have over the years taken what we consider to be valuable measures to protect the environment. This is how we do our part:

  1. Our ecological hotel in the Dolomites is built according to thermal insulation criteria.

  2. We are connected to the Dobbiaco thermal power plant, which is at the forefront of renewable energy production and uses wood chips instead of diesel for heating.

  3. The electricity we use comes from hydroelectric power plants and is certified green energy. 50KW photovoltaics for own consumption.

  4. All the machinery we use is energy-efficient, as is our lighting, combined with presence detection devices.

  5. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  6. Our purchases, mainly food, favour local producers.

  7. We practise waste separation in all departments.

  8. We have abolished disposable plastic cups and straws.

  9. We use high quality natural cosmetic products in the Dolomiti Spa.

  10. The Prija toiletries in the rooms are based on organic and natural ingredients.

Please contribute to our efforts in our ecological hotel in the Dolomites!
Thank you!