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Treatments of our Dolomiti Spa

Payot facial treatment
Payot facial treatments are suitable for any age and for all skin types. The PAYOT product range awakens the natural radiance and freshness of the face.
A colorful and greedy ritual of treatments for energized and detoxified skin, which eliminates the signs of fatigue and gives a radiant and even skin, as well as preventing aging. All in the presence of respectful and highly natural formulations. Cleansing, mask cleansing, massage and specific care.
Hydratation essentielle
Intense rehydrating treatment, for plumped skin and a radiant complexion.
50 min. 90,00 €
Douceur essentielle
Intensive comforting anti-redness treatment, soothes and protects the skin without sensations of discomfort. For reactive skin.
50 min. 90,00 €
Pureté essentielle
Detoxifying treatment for combination to oily skin, for a rebalanced, non-shiny skin with a refined texture.
50 min. 90,00 €
Éclat essentiel
Illuminating and revitalizing treatment for dull complexions. The energizing treatment, an authentic cocktail of superfruits, for radiant skin and rested facial features.
ca. 50 min. 90,00 €
Optimale essentiel
Tailor-made treatment for men, for a skin free from impurities, perfect and relaxed.

ca. 50 Min. 90,00 €
Lift absolu
Tensor treatment with lifting effect for skin lacking in tone, for a face with restructured volumes and a remodeled contour.
ca. 75 Min. 130,00 €
Liss absolu
Technical treatment that smoothes wrinkles and expression lines, for an immediate "new skin" effect.
ca. 75 min. 130,00 €
Suprême expérience
Global anti-aging treatment to counteract all the signs of aging. A "supreme" protocol for an all-encompassing experience.
ca. 100 min. 149,00 €
Vitalis facial treatments
Feel the individual beauty care for yourself according to the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: pureness, recreation, protection. The TEAM DR JOSEPH manual method starts deep in the tissue. Following the natural functional laws, the skin metabolism is rebalanced: relaxation of the nervous system, relaxation of facial expressions, harmony of dynamic balance, normalization of microcirculation with the aim of treating and maintaining a holistic sensation of the skin and its incomparable beauty.
Express Lifting for men
The TEAM DR JOSEPH method for him. Intense, natural, effective: skin analysis, lymphstimulating massage, hot tablets, peeling, deep cleasing, special serum, intensive mask with a face massage and an individual day cream.
50 min. 75,00 €
Cleasing facial treatment
Specific deep cleansing according to your skin type according to the TEAM DR JOSEPH method: Your skin? Clean and delicate. her face? Radiant. Your feeling? Clear and full of energy. Starting with hot tablets, a gentle lymphstimulating massage, peeling, deep cleansing of the face with cups followed by a toning face compress, a peel off mask and the day treatment suitable for your skin type.
50 min. 75,00 €
Regenerating facial treatment
An unmistakable facial treatment with natural functional principles particularly suited to the needs of your skin with immediate effect and a deeply relaxing program to spoil yourself according to the TEAM DR JOSEPH method: skin analysis, eyebrow correction, deep cleaning with cups, special serum, modulated face massage, intensive mask and individual day treatment. With particularly effective natural functional principles for healthy and intensely groomed skin.
80 min. 105,00 €
Bio Lifting Facial Treatment
The complete holistic program according to the TEAM DR JOSEPH method: intensive treatment with biodynamic facelift massage, entirely carried out according to the needs of your skin. Enjoy a unique beauty treatment with skin analysis, eyebrow correction, lymphstimulating massage, hot herbal tablets, peeling, deep cleansing with cups, special serum, bioenergetic facelift massage, intensive mask, individual day treatment and stabilization.
110 min. 149,00 €
Body treatments
Anti cellulite treatment
Treat yourself with a unique and effective treatment against cellulite imperfections: cupping in combination with effective natural products, which help to relieve cellulite imperfections efficiently, lastingly and visiblely.
80 min. 110,00 €
Hay and apricot kernel body scrub
Kernels deeply cleanses the pores and makes the skin more clear and brighter.
20 min. 40,00 €
Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub
Peeling body strongly detoxifying and rebalancing.
20 min. 40,00 €
Body wraps
Calming and shooting
Enjoy a special wellness program with marigold and chamomile. Reactivating and relaxing ingredients have a balancing effect on sensitive and irritated skin. The complexion becomes thriving again, the skin soft and radiant.
ca. 40 min. 55,00 €
Detoxifying mud compress
For lovers of the Alpine tradition, a "must" of well-being. The alpine mud releases all the aromas of the mountain, as well as favoring, in combination with natural sediments, the detoxification of the body through the skin with a revitalizing and invigorating effect. Deep, natural and powerful care.
50 min. 55,00 €
Anti-cellulite compress with algae
Extremely effective anti-cellulite compress to high-quality seaweed. Thanks to the precious seaweed, this treatment has an intensive effect on tissue strengthening and hydration optimization. It has a reactivating effect on circulation, which makes the skin rosier and smoother.
50 min. 55,00 €
Musculature compress
FLet yourself be pervaded by the invigorating force of the "sun plants". This healthy compress gives new energy to tired joints and muscles. The strength of the active ingredient complex of arnica and hypericon erases stress, dissolves all tension and improves the performance of the muscles.
40 min. 55,00 €
Classic massages
Classic Swedish massage
Massage with classic maneuvers of medium low pressure, for the whole body.
Promotes muscle relaxation.
20 min. | 40,00 €
50 min. 70,00 €
Back massages
Dorsalis massage
Intensive back massage carried out with glass cups, cleavage maneuvers and Tibetan bells.
To combat musculoskeletal tensions.
50 min. 79,00 €
Warm Honey Back Massage
Intensive back massage cleavage, relaxation and drainage maneuvers are followed by warm honey compresses that acts as a scrub, reactivator and moisturizer for the skin of the back as well as an excellent decontracting ingredient.
50 min. 79,00 €
Neck, back and head massage
In this unique method carried out with modulated massage techniques and powerful plant extracts, relief is given to the tensions of the head, nape and shoulders. Deep touches give a pleasant feeling of relaxation from everyday stress.
50 min. 79,00 €
Relax massages
Aromatic massage
Body, face and head massage with the selected aromatherapy oils of your choice. To feel freer, more elastic and more flexible. It relieves tensions in an effective, holistic and traditional way.
20 min | 40,00 €
50 min. 75,00 €
Free Mind Massage
Massage, preceded by foot bath, with aromatherapy oils and essential oils. During this experience of the senses will be gently massaged hands, feet, face and head as well as the whole body.
Recommended before each weekly program.
20 min. | 40,00 €
50 min. 75,00 €
Specific massages
Sport massage
Massage for athletes who want to defatigate muscles and improve athletic performance.
Carried out with technical specifications of typing, cupping, kneading, cleavage, stretching, shaking, pinching and percussion.
20 min. | 40,00 €

50 min. 80,00 €
Lymphodrenating massage
Lymphodrenant massage to activate blood circulation and practiced against cellulite imperfections.
20 min. | 40,00 €

50 min. 80,00 €
Foot massage
Plantar massage, preceded by a foot bath of water and salt, concluded with a moisturizing compress.
During this session point microstimulation techniques will be carried out to restore the balance of the body.
20 min. | 40,00 €

50 min. 80,00 €
Individual massage
Massage modulated to the specific requests of the customer.
20 min. | 40,00 €

50 min. 80,00 €
Anti Cellulite massage
Targeted massage for critical areas, cupping and cleavage techniques.
20 min. | 40,00 €

50 min. 80,00 €
Face, neck, décolleté and hands massage
Relaxing face, neck, décolleté and hands massage for a final anti-wrinkle and firming effect.
50 min. 70,00 €
Massages from the world
Hot Stone Massage
Massage with hot stones to get a feeling of well-being and muscle relaxation.
50 min. 99,00 €
Herbal tampon massage of South Tyrol
Herbal swab massage according to the VITALIS Method Dr Joseph is a body treatment with precious natural oils, selected herbs compositions and unique synergies of functional herbal buffer principles are massaged all over the body with a slight pressure. This stimulating treatment technique and the medicinal herbs used help to combat stress, while the pure aromatic massage oils give new vitality. Start again with momentum, full of energy and rebalance!
50 min. 79,00 €
Massages for Children up to 14 years
Children's massage, of your choice between chocolate oil/honey oil.
A smooth massage which will make your kids relax.
20 min. 25,00 €
10 min. 10,00 €
Over lip
10 min. 7,00 €
35 min. 20,00 €
35 min. 35,00 €
Bikini area
30 min. 25,00 €
20 min. 10,00 €
Back and chest
60 min. 50,00 €
Complete depilation
75 min. 50,00 €
Manicure & Pedicure
Manicure flash
20 min. 18,00 €
Manicure with polish
60 min. 35,00 €
Manicure with permanent gel polish
60 min. 45,00 €
Pedicure flash
20 min. 18,00 €
Pedicure with polish
60 min. 37,00 €
Pedicure with permanent gel polish
60 min. 47,00 €
Gel polish removal
20 min. 15,00 €
Trattamento Luxusfüße
50 min. 52,00 €
Trattamento Luxushände
50 min. 48,00
Before each booking we recommend a consultation with our therapists from dolomiti spa, they will be able to formulate a program suitable for your needs.
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