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Vitalis face treatment
Express Power Lift for Men
The TEAM DR JOSEPH method for men. Powerful, natural, effective: Skin diagnostics; a massage stimulating the lymphatic system; warm herbal compresses; peeling; deep cleansing; special serum; an intensive mask with facial massage, and finally, individual daily skin care. Natural high-tech power for a powerful and well-groomed appearance.
50 min. 68,00 €
Cellular Recreation Face Treatment
A wonderfully natural treatment with active ingredients, specifically tailored to the needs of your skin, with immediate effect and a deeply relaxing, pampering program based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: Skin diagnostics; contouring your eyebrows; a massage stimulating the lymphatic system; warm herbal compresses; peeling; deep cleansing with cupping glasses; special serum; a modulated facial massage; an intensive facial mask and finally, individual daily skin care. With highly effective, naturally active ingredients for healthy and thoroughly cared-for skin.
80 min. 97,00 €
Advanced Bio Lifting Face Treatment
The holistic maximum program based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: Intensive treatment with a biodynamic lifting massage specifically tailored to the needs of your skin. Experience a truly unique beauty treatment with skin diagnostics; contouring your eyebrows; a massage stimulating the lymphatic system; warm herbal compresses; peeling; deep cleansing with cupping glasses; special serum; a bio-energetic lifting massage; an intensive facial mask, and finally, individual daily skin care and stabilization. Nature’s high-tech solution for a sustained impact, immediate visibility and maximum effect.
110 min. 129,00 €
Intense purifying face treatment
In-depth cleanding specific to your skin type based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: Your skin? Bright and soft. Your face? Radiant. Your feeling? Clear and energetic. Beginning with warm herbal compresses; a gentle massage stimulating the lymphatic system; peeling; cleansing with cupping glasses and deep cleansing - followed by a tonifying facial pack, a peel-off mask and the daily care specific to your skin. For a visibly fresher complexion and vital radiance.
50 min. 70,00 €
Vitalis body treatment
Detoxifying cellulite treatment
With seaweed bath | 80 euro
Experience a unique and effective cellulite treatment: cupping treatment in combination with efficient natural ingredients for a long-term and visible alleviation of the signs of cellulite. Unique features of this treatment include an activating foot bath, an invigorating body exfoliation, a stimulating cupping treatment and a modulated cellulite massage. To reinforce the effects, we recommend that you combine the cellulite program with a seaweed bath for extra hydration and metabolic activation. The very definition of full-body care!Your connective tissue will be prepared with a heat application of herbal essences according to the principles of Kneipp. After that, a massage with the cupping method will help increase circulation and reduce cellulite.
50 min. 70,00 €
Dynamic recreation back massage
A reconstructive back treatment with highly effective natural active ingredients and a massage individually tailored to you. Singing bowls and cupping glasses relieve tension in the back muscles and improve the dynamics of the spine. Lasting relaxation for your back. Free yourself of stress and blockages. Stand up straight!
50 min. 70,00 €
Energizing herbal stamp treatment
This herbal pouches massage by VITALIS Dr. Joseph is a powerful and intensive full-body treatment with precious natural oils, select herbal blends and unique combinations of active components. The herbal stamps are patted over your body intensively, with gentle pressure. This stimulating technique and the herbs used help to relieve stress, while the finest aroma massage oils bring you vitality. Start off balanced and full of energy!
50 min. 78,00 €
Hot Stone Massage
This combination of massage and the use of natural instruments engergizes your circulation, eases the musculature and helps you relax.
50 min. 65,00 €
Mind relaxing aroma massage
Your completely personalized massage ritual. With the help of this massage, we can meet your individual needs and wishes. The modulated massage techniques, in combination with the select aromatic oils promote muscle performance. You will feel free, supple, and agile. Release tension and tightness - Effective, holistic, traditional!
25 min | 35 euro
50 min. 65,00 €
Relaxing head and neck massage
This unique treatment method with a extraordinary massage and precisely effective plant extracts smoothly releases tensions in the head, neck and shoulder area. Deep contact and a modulated individual treatment technique ensure a pleasant relaxation and a switch off from the stress of everyday life. The microcirculation is stimulated, vessels, sense organs and nerves are strengthened.
50 min. 70,00 €
Full body scrub with hay extracts
The gentle, efficient, organic body scrub with hayflower extracts and ground apricot pits cleanses the skin deep into the pores and makes it appear clearer and brighter.
25 min. 35,00 €
Vitalis body wrap
Calming body wrap
Enjoy a special pampering program with calendula and chamomile. The activating and calming ingredients have a balancing effect on sensitive and irritated skin. Your complexion will be refreshed and your skin made supple and radiant.
With massage 50 min | 65 euro
25 min. 40,00 €
Detoxifying activating alpine fango body wrap
A “wellness must” for lovers of alpine tradition. The alpine mud smells distinctively alpine. In combination with natural sediments, it works to detoxify the body through the skin - both invigorating and restorative. Deep, strong care, natural and powerful.
With massage 50 min. | 65 euro
25 min. 40,00 €
Firming cellulite algae body wrap
A potent cellulite wrap with high-quality seaweed. Thanks to precious marine seaweed, this treatment has an intense effect on tissue strength and optimizes the moisture content of the skin. The circulation-promoting effects leave your skin looking rosy and smooth.
With massage 50 min. | 65 euro
25 min. 40,00 €
Moisturizing body wrap
Pamper your skin with a fruity and sensual beauty bath. Apple extract is rich in vitamins, minerals, pectin, and waxes - the perfect active ingredients to care for demanding skin. In combination with precious rose hips, it considerably improves the skin‘s well-being and significantly reduces drying. Your skin will appear smoother and more supple.
With massage 50 min. | 65 euro
25 min. 40,00 €
Skin repair anti-aging body wrap
Pure regeneration - slip into a new skin. The combined power of wine grapes and sea buckthorn in this beauty wrap improves your skin‘s ability to protect itself and provides a pleasant, silky feeling of well-being.
With massage 50 min. | 65 euro
25 min. 40,00 €
Sport & vitality body wrap
Feel the invigorating power of sun plants. This health wrap brings new fitness to your tired joints and muscles. The power of the active ingredients, arnica and St. John‘s wort, reduces stress, relieves tension, and supports the performance of your muscles.
With massage 50 min. | 65 euro
25 min. 40,00 €
Massages for Children up to 14 years
Kids massage
A smooth massage which will make your kids relax.
25 min. 25,00 €
10 min. 10,00 €
Upper lip
10 min. 7,00 €
15 min. 15,00 €
Complete depilation
60 min. 47,00 €
20 min. 30,00 €
Bikini area
30 min. 10,00 € - 20,00 €
15 min. 10,00 €
Back or chest
60 min. 50,00 €
Manicure & Pedicure
25 min. 25,00 €
Manicure with semi-permanent nail polish
30 min. 32,00 €
50 min. 30,00 €
Pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish
50 min. 37,00 €
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